VHBW 14500 cell for Philips shavers, toothbrushes etc. with 2 contacts

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€12.95 incl. VAT plus shipping
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Li-Ion Battery Safety Notice:
Lithium cells or lithium battery packs may only be used with appropriate protection electronics against deep discharge, overcharging, short circuit, etc. If lithium cells or lithium battery packs without protection electronics are used, the device in which they are used should be equipped with appropriate protection electronics and temperature monitoring. Do not charge or use in devices that produce higher heat (such as e-cigarettes, etc.). Only suitable chargers may be used according to the specifications of the manufacturer. Please charge, discharge and use lithium batteries or battery packs only according to the Manufacturers advice. Further processing of lithium batteries may only be done by authorized specialist persons. Otherwise there is a risk that the lithium cells or lithium battery packs will be damaged, resulting in fire, explosion and/or toxic vapors.

VHBW 14500 cell for Philips razors, toothbrushes and others with 2 contacts

  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery cell

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Basic specifications

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3.70 Volt
800 mAh
Battery Chemistry
Lithium-ion (Li-ion)
Battery Size
AA Mignon LR6

This product is fitting following devices

  • Norelco Arcitec 1050X
  • Norelco Arcitec 1050X CC
  • Norelco Arcitec 1060X
  • Norelco Arcitec 1090X
  • Norelco Arcitec PT920/21
  • Norelco Arcitec RQ1060
  • Norelco Arcitec RQ1090
  • Philips Speed XL HQ7200
  • Philips Speed XL HQ7240
  • Philips Speed XL HQ7260
  • Philips Speed XL HQ7280
  • Philips Speed XL HQ7290
  • Philips Speed XL HQ7360
  • Philips Speed XL HQ7363
  • Philips Speed XL HQ7890
  • Philips Speed XL HQ7890CC
  • Philips Speed XL HQ8100
  • Philips Speed XL HQ8150
  • Philips Speed XL HQ81xx
  • Philips Speed XL HQ8200
  • Philips Speed XL HQ8250
  • Philips Speed XL HQ8290
  • Philips Speed XL HQ8800
  • Philips Speed XL HQ8894
  • Philips Speed XL HQ88xx
  • Philips Speed XL HQ9100
  • Philips Speed XL HQ9120
  • Philips Speed XL HQ9140
  • Philips Speed XL HQ9160
  • Philips Speed XL HQ9170
  • Philips Speed XL HQ9180
  • Philips Speed XL HQ9190
  • Philips Speed XL HQ9199
  • Philips Speed XL HQ91xx
  • Philips Speed XL HX6310
  • Philips Speed XL HX6320
  • Philips Speed XL HX6330
  • Philips Speed XL HX6380
  • Philips HX6500
  • Philips HX6510
  • Philips HX6530
  • Philips HX6700
  • Philips HX6710
  • Philips HX6720
  • Philips HX6730
  • Philips HX6750
  • Philips HX6760
  • Philips HX6780
  • Philips HX6900
  • Philips HX6910
  • Philips HX6920
  • Philips HX6930
  • Philips HX6950
  • Philips HX6960
  • Philips HX9100
  • Philips HX9140
  • Philips HX9160
  • Philips HX9300
  • Philips HX9330
  • Philips HX9340
  • Philips HX9350
  • Philips HX9360
  • Philips HX9370
  • Philips Speed XL RQ1050
  • Philips Speed XL RQ1051
  • Philips Speed XL RQ1053
  • Philips Speed XL RQ1060
  • Philips Speed XL RQ1075
  • Philips Speed XL RQ1085
  • Philips Speed XL RQ1095
  • Philips Speed XL RQ1095/22

Original battery name

  • Philips K V112MSF17Z
  • Philips SE US14500GR
  • Philips SE VS145000V

This battery is no genuine spare part by the original manufacturer, but a replica by a third party manufacturer. The battery is 100% compatible with the original battery and can be charged with the original charger. The manufacturers,brands and trademarks appearing here are property of their respective owners and are listed here just to clarify compatibilities of the replica battery.
Additional Info

Additional Information


Manufacturer VHBW
EAN-Code 9009316418043
Packing Amount 1
Application / Device Household, Elektrische Zahnbürste, Elektrischer Rasierer
SKU 41804
Connector / Plug Solder terminal
Warranty 6 Months
Dimension 14,4x50,4 mm
Weight 29 gr

Cell Information

Battery Size AA Mignon LR6
Battery Chemistry Lithium-ion (Li-ion)
Voltage 3.70 Volt
Capacity 800 mAh
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