AccuPower's mission is to become a key market supplier of rechargeable energy devices and charging electronics. Our products offer a combination of performance, endurance and value. The technology of microchips, digitization and miniaturization creates a wide variety of new portable power needs. The combination of our batteries and chargers deliver the optimum combination of long life, high energy, convenience, low-cost and environmentally friendliness.

The new NiMH battery series excel with its high capacity and flat discharge characteristic. Providing a much longer period of stable voltage level. AccuPower batteries can be used in any application where long-lasting operation time is desired and/or required. It is ideal for applications such as cellphones, MP3 players, organizers, digital cameras, CD players, RC-models, GPS, and much more. They are available in all common sizes including 9Volt/6F22 types. We also offer micro-controlled, state of the art universal chargers capable of simultaneous charging of different battery sizes and chemistries.

Our R & D team works closely with OEM customers in the development of new charging and control devices. Please feel free to inquire with any special request you may have or if we can assist you with any questions. All AccuPower products can be purchased in Europe, North America and Asia. They are manufactured to the highest quality standards.