Shipping costs

4.75 € to Austria - 5.95 € to Germany - Free shipping for oders of 39.95 € or above

We offer free shipping to Austria and Germany for orders of 39.95 € or above. Shipping costs for orders up to 39.94 € are 4.75 € to Austria respectivly 5.95 € to Germany. For all other countries please see below at "shipping costs for european countries".

Same day shipping

We ship in-stock-articles on the same day if we receive order and payment before 14:00.

Cash on delivery fee

Cash on delivery is only available for shipping addresses within Austria. Please be aware of the extra 5.00 € fee when using cash on delivery as payment method.

Parcel services

We are shipping all of our orders as insured parcel using

Austrian Post for shippings to Austria and Europe
Hermes for shippings to Germany
GLS for shippings to Austria and Europe

Track & Trace

We will notify you by email as soon as shipping starts, so you always can track & trace your package using the tracking number within this email.
Didn't get a tracking number? Pease see here.

Store pickup

You can pick your goods at our retail store. Please select shipping method "Self pickup" during checkout. You also can pay directly in our retail store using cash or using Maestro debit card.

Shipping costs for european countries

If there is more than one parcel service listed for a country, you can select one during checkout.

Paeseup to € 39,94starting at € 39,95starting at € 99,90Weight LimitParcel service
Austria Austria (AT)€ 4,75€ 0,00€ 0,00Post
Germania Germania (DE)€ 5,95€ 0,00€ 0,00Hermes
Svizzera Svizzera (CH)€ 24,95€ 24,95€ 24,952 kgPost
Svizzera Svizzera (CH)€ 34,95€ 34,95€ 34,954 kgPost
Svizzera Svizzera (CH)€ 47,95€ 47,95€ 47,958 kgPost
Svizzera Svizzera (CH)€ 83,95€ 83,95€ 83,9512 kgPost
Svizzera Svizzera (CH)€ 108,95€ 108,95€ 108,9520 kgPost
Svizzera Svizzera (CH)€ 159,95€ 159,95€ 159,9531.5 kgPost
Belgio Belgio (BE)€ 9,95€ 7,95€ 2,95BPost
Bulgaria Bulgaria (BG)€ 12,95€ 9,95€ 4,95GLS
Danimarca Danimarca (DK)€ 9,95€ 7,95€ 2,95Post
Estonia Estonia (EE)€ 22,95€ 19,95€ 14,95GLS
Finlandia Finlandia (FI)€ 9,95€ 7,95€ 2,95Itella
Francia Francia (FR)€ 9,95€ 7,95€ 2,95Coliposte/Chronopost
Grecia Grecia (GR)€ 22,95€ 19,95€ 14,95ELTA Hellenic Post
Irlanda Irlanda (IE)€ 22,95€ 19,95€ 14,95GLS
Italia Italia (IT)€ 9,95€ 7,95€ 2,95SDA Courier Express
Jersey Jersey (JE)€ 9,95€ 7,95€ 2,95GLS
Lettonia Lettonia (LV)€ 22,95€ 19,95€ 14,95GLS
Lituania Lituania (LT)€ 22,95€ 19,95€ 14,95GLS
Lussemburgo Lussemburgo (LU)€ 9,95€ 7,95€ 2,95Post
Monaco Monaco (MC)€ 9,95€ 7,95€ 2,95Coliposte/Chronopost
Paesi Bassi Paesi Bassi (NL)€ 9,95€ 7,95€ 2,95Post
Polonia Polonia (PL)€ 9,95€ 7,95€ 2,95GLS
Portogallo Portogallo (PT)€ 22,95€ 19,95€ 14,95GLS
Regno Unito Regno Unito (GB)€ 9,95€ 7,95€ 2,95UK Mail
Repubblica Ceca Repubblica Ceca (CZ)€ 9,95€ 7,95€ 2,95GLS
Romania Romania (RO)€ 12,95€ 9,95€ 4,95GLS
Serbia Serbia (RS)€ 25,95€ 22,95€ 14,95GLS
Slovacchia Slovacchia (SK)€ 9,95€ 7,95€ 2,95In Time
Slovenia Slovenia (SI)€ 9,95€ 7,95€ 2,95Pošta Slovenije
Spagna Spagna (ES)€ 12,95€ 9,95€ 4,95Redur
Svezia Svezia (SE)€ 9,95€ 7,95€ 2,95Post
Ungheria Ungheria (HU)€ 9,95€ 7,95€ 2,95trans-o-flex

Additional information

Special agreements, e.g. discount prices for large quantities or collective orders, can be discussed by phone or mail.
You may have to pay additional custom fees or other fees for international shipments. Contact your local customs office for more information.

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